The Census Taker Giveth Jenna Starr Jaymee Green Jayden Marcos


The Census Taker Giveth Jenna Starr Jaymee Green Jayden Marcos

Jayden is a census taker doing the rounds. When he shows up at roomies Jayme & Jenna’s home, things get complicated. They have not filled out their census forms and he just wants them to answer a few questions so he can be on his way. Easier said than done. The perverted duo demand depraved sexual favors to complete the requisite paperwork – Jayden is bewildered by their misplaced entitlement but decides to entertain the bossy women’s demands anyway, proving this census taker has something substantial to give the ladies too!

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The Census Taker Giveth Jenna Starr Jaymee Green Jayden Marcos
The Census Taker Giveth Jenna Starr Jaymee Green Jayden Marcos

There’s a certain shine in Jenna Starr’s smile than compels even the most hardened of pervs to fall a little. Born and raised in Sacramento, California with a few years spent in the Lone Star state, Jenna’s 34DDs are anything but lonely. A beautiful, bisexual blonde, Jenna rarely has trouble finding a play partner in this or any other inhabited galaxy. Whether it’s fucking an orbiter in the ass with a strap-on or lifting ladies up to orbit, this luminous, luscious lass’s future is brighter than all the stars in the sky. You can check out the constellation Starr in the scenes below

“Certified side chick” Jaymee Green likes dick and lots of it, but she’s got a very clear idea of what she wants, and that doesn’t include a man of her own–she’d rather borrow other women’s! This gorgeous, dark-haired babe has done extensive testing, and she’s confident that guys with girlfriends have the best dicks. It also makes it easier for her to give them back when she’s done with them. Don’t let your GF know that you’re watching this temptress’s hot scenes!

Green-eyed hunk, Jayden Marcos, is a tall top with a chiseled body, but if you think that means he must be the type to diet 365 days a year and must only eat organic food, you’d be wrong. The dark-haired Californian can’t get enough Chinese food and pizza—he even calls food and a blowjob whilst playing video games his ultimate date night. When he isn’t eating carbs or playing video games, the sapiosexual loves to tinker away on his cars and sing to his dates, if they’re special that is. So check out Jayden Marcos and his many talents in the scenes below.

Date: December 17, 2022