Alexsis Faye Mr. Hands Touchy Feely1 scoreland new video


Alexsis Faye Mr. Hands Touchy Feely1 scoreland new video

Alexsis Faye Mr. Hands Touchy Feely1scoreland new video

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Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the sexiest redhead of them all?

Rocking her shorts and tie-down shirt, Alexsis Faye does some stretching in front of her mirror. Her shoulders are achy and she needs a massage because she just can’t reach those difficult parts without another pair of helping hands.

Cue the masseur to give Alexsis the back and shoulder rubdown she needs. Then it’s on to her big natural breasts because boobs like hers should never be neglected. Alexsis’ top and bra are removed so his magic fingers can knead and squeeze her heavy hooters to her heart’s content. Her eyes light up and her breathing gets faster.

Alexsis gets on the bed on her tummy so Mr. Hands can massage her back. The chesty dish turns over on her back, a signal that he should massage her big tits and add oil to make her boobs shine. She gets on top for more handiwork from underneath. The stimulating nipple and breast rubbing makes Alexsis grind her hips, a move that makes this massage session even

Date: January 12, 2023
Actors: Alexsis Faye